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Tight game in favor of the Spaniards

In the second game on this hot summer day, Germany and Spain met. While the Spaniards looked to redeem themselves from their opening defeat by France, the Germans did everything they could to confirm their form. Spain managed to recover and prevailed 21:24.


Despite being outnumbered early on, the Spaniards, who were playing in red, were able to win the starting minutes. But the rough nature of the defense got them the next penalty and Germany netted for a 4:3 lead. As a result, the game was mainly characterized by the hard style of play. Both games tackled well, sometimes close, sometimes over the limit of what is allowed. The Spanish coach's speech after the eminent defeat by France seemed to have had an effect. The southerners are now calmer and more determined in attack and in cover, extremely agile and offensive. The score was balanced over long stretches and at half time Spain was 12:14 on the indoor clock.


It was also the Spaniards who got off to a better start in the second half and immediately took the lead with 12:17. This moved the national coach to a timeout after only four minutes of play. But Germany didn't find their way into the game afterwards and Spain even pulled away with 12:18 before they too had to concede a goal. A penalty against the men in red then brought the Germans back within striking distance. At 17:20 the Spanish national coach had seen enough and pulled out the timeout card. But the federal selection could not be dissuaded from their timetable. A very hectic and muddled game was suddenly compensated by a plane goal to 21:21. There was high tension again in the last four minutes of the game. Thanks to two quick goals at the end, the Spaniards made everything clear and won the game 21:24.

GER – ESP Bilder 2018

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