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France wins the opening game

In the first game of the ninth edition of the Airport Trophy, France and Spain met. The first meeting of the two U20 selections promised a lot of excitement, as both national teams are known to not be weak. In the end, France clearly prevailed with 31:25 (16:13).


The Spaniards started the game with lightning speed and accuracy and immediately scored two goals before the French found their game and leveled the game again for a short time. However, the physically superior French missed a few top-class chances in attack and repeatedly suffered penalties on the defensive, while the Spanish goalkeeper advanced to an insurmountable wall in this phase. But with three quick goals in a row, the French equalized the game to 8:8. Although the French continued to make life difficult with penalties, they were able to turn the game around. Up to the break, they even extended the lead to three goals to 16:13. 

In the second round, the French were able to consolidate their lead, not least thanks to their now strong goalkeeper, and extend it to 19:15 and later 22:16. Spain lacked ideas in attack, pulled the timeout after 40 minutes of play. France, on the other hand, played with more overview and assertiveness and kept the match under control. Plays to the circle or the wing, powerful attacks from the backcourt, everything seemed to work out for the French in this phase. They increased their lead goal by goal, before the Spanish coach called the second timeout of the half after 48 minutes and the score was 28:19. But against this coverage, the second timeout did not bring a solution either. The men in blue stood too compactly around their goal and let the Spaniards run up again and again. In the final minutes, the Spaniards were still able to do some cosmetic work on the result, but in the end they clearly lost the game at 31:25. A wonderful double flyer from the Bleus rounded off the successful start to the tournament.

FRA – ESP Bilder 2018

FRA – ESP images

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