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Switzerland beats Poland 37:35

After the opening win against Montenegro, Switzerland doubles up.

Switzerland's victory the day before was already a historic one, as it was the first at the Airport Trophy since 2013, so they started the match against Poland all the more motivated. At the beginning, the Swiss succeeded again and again through the pivot players. In contrast, the left-handed Oliwier Kaminski was once again the most dangerous player at the back for the Poles.

The game remained tightly contested until the break and the Swiss did not let themselves be rattled even by an early sending-off. While the defense of the Swiss was the centerpiece the day before with only 21 goals allowed, today they had to concede 19 in the first half, the last one together with the whistle.

After the break, the Swiss got their chances more and more easily and so Team Switzerland pulled away to 27: 23. After the Polish team had already collapsed after 40 minutes the day before, the same seemed to happen again. Even the coach's timeout did not have the desired effect. On the contrary, Poland had to accept two fast break goals.

Despite the 5-goal lead, the Poles did not get discouraged and clung on. The Swiss missed the early decider and failed several times from the best shooting position at the opponent's goalkeeper. In the final phase, Valentin Wolfisberg once stepped up to the occasion and scored his 7th goal. After a missed penalty by the Poles in the penultimate minute, the game was finally decided.

Thus, Switzerland continues its winning streak and will play on Sunday at 13:15 against Germany for the tournament title.

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