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France secures tournament victory with a draw

On the third and last day of the Airport Trophy, the two winners of the first day met each other. France, still unbeaten, was able to win the tournament by winning a point against Germany. After an extremely tight match, the French finally secured the trophy with 26:26.


France started like firefighters and with a strong backing between the posts, they immediately took a 0:3 lead. With their fast and safe style of play, the French overwhelmed the German defense and forced national coach Andre Haber to the first timeout after just 6 minutes. Afterwards, the Germans got into the game better and after 20 minutes they were even able to score the goal to make it 9:10. The now balanced course of the game was characterized by the two goalkeepers who were in top form. Towards the end of the half, the strong and agile defense of the French was decisive and secured them an 11:13 lead at the break.


After four minutes of play in the second half, the Germans were able to level the game, and Coach Haber's speech at the break seemed to have worked. After 40 minutes played, the Germans managed to take the lead for the first time. There was no lack of excitement and the open exchange of blows delighted the numerous fans who had traveled to the event. Furthermore, the two teams designed the game extremely tight and did not give each other an inch. After winning the ball in defense, the selection of the federal government equalized again 3 minutes before the end of the game and the game was on a knife's edge. At that moment, both teams blundered in attack and with less than a minute on the clock, France coach Yohan Delattre drew the timeout card. However, the long-lasting attack was called off due to time wasting and the Germans, for their part, made use of their time-out with 9 seconds remaining. But the last throw landed in the French block and so the two teams separate 26:26 and draw. With this point win, the French selection secures tournament victory at the Airport Trophy 2018.

GER – FRA Bilder 2018

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