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Tournament Facts 2013

Handball U21 youth tournament in Kloten: Spain's second victory, Swiss splash of color in the final game.


The Swiss U21 junior handball players did not get better than fourth place in their own four-country tournament in Kloten for the Airport Trophy, but still set the exclamation point of the tournament with a 25:22 victory over European champions Spain. After two mixed performances on the previous days, the Swiss team showed an impressive willpower in the final game against the reigning U21 European champions. Strengthened by goalkeeper Nicola Portner, the team found their style in the second half and deservedly defeated the subsequent tournament winners Spain with 25:22. It was Switzerland that put the stamp on the game with a clear increase in performance. Although Spain didn't achieve the best performance, they still tried with all means to avert the impending disaster of a defeat in the final game, but Switzerland had previously fueled too much self-confidence and didn't let the sensation go away.

On the first two match days, Switzerland lost to France (18:26) and Germany (22:30). The last tournament game, however, reconciled the spectators and showed that the team is definitely on the right track with a view to the U21 junior world championship next July. Although the team lacked outstanding individuals, it excelled as a collective and also provided the top scorer of the tournament with Kevin Jud. 

Germany – Spain 25:27 (14:14) (report) (photos)
Switzerland – France 18:26 (6:12) (report) (photos)
France – Spain 24:25 (12:12) (report) (photos)
Switzerland – Germany  22:30 (8:17) (report) (photos)
Germany – France 34:26 (17:15) (report) (photos)
Switzerland – Spain  25:22 (12:13) (report) (photos)

final ranking
2. ENG
3. FRA
4. SUI 

Top scorer: Kevin Jud (SUI), 20 goals
MVP: Pablo Chacheda Conzalez (ESP)
Best Goalkeeper: Remy Dubonnet (FRA)

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