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Promotion of young talent as cornerstone of kloten handball

This year, the traditional club kloten handball as well as the two partner clubs from Bülach and Rorbas are organising the already 12th edition of the junior national team tournament "Airport Trophy" (formerly Sympany Cup).

On the one hand, the three handball clubs out of the region “Zurich Unterland” provide an ideal platform for the junior national teams to gain competition experience at the highest level. On the other hand, by hosting the event the 3 clubs generate a valuable financial contribution for the development of younger players in the “Zurich Unterland” region.

Every year, more than 70 volunteers facilitate the smooth running of the tournament and thus make a significant contribution to the continued existence of the club. With your visit to the Airport Trophy, you do not only support the national teams on the court, but also the regional club life and the sport of handball itself.

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