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Germany also successful in the second game

In the first game of the day, the two previous day's winners, Germany and France, met. The result of this game could therefore already be a preliminary decision about the tournament victory.

As against Spain, the Germans got off to a good start. They led 3-0 before the French scored their first goal. The agile and compact coverage of the German team repeatedly posed problems for the French team. However, a penalty against Germany again resulted in a tighter score of 6:7. Both teams let the ball run fast and were able to use their wingers several times, which is worth seeing. The game was then balanced for a long time before the French were able to pull the game to their side and take the lead with two goals. But shortly before the half-time whistle, the Germans equalized the game again at 13:13.

Even after the change of sides, the game was a head-to-head race with usually only a one-point difference. Impressive circle passes on both sides also characterized the beginning of the second half. As a result, the German national team was able to act noticeably more efficiently in attack than the French, which quickly resulted in a 16:20 lead. As the game progressed, the Germans managed to keep their lead from solid cover. With a 24:28 win, the German U21 selection also won their second game at the Airport Trophy and is therefore the sole leader of the table.

FRA – GER Bilder 2017

FRA – GER pictures

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