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France easily against the Swiss selection

After the clear defeat against Germany, the Swiss were looking for compensation in the second game against France. However, after yesterday's performance by the Bleus, it was clear that this game would be a difficult task. And so the French also clearly prevailed at 18:30, even if the national team flourished at times.


At the beginning of the game, as expected, it was the French who set the pace. The Swiss, on the other hand, failed several times due to the strong French goalkeeper, who parried shot after shot. It took seven minutes until the Swiss were able to score the first goal, but immediately doubled to make it 2:5. After the home team timed out, the red and white got into the game better and were able to close the gap to 4:8. But the defense of the men in blue was still extremely solid and made life difficult for the Swiss. As against Germany, coach Marcel Tobler tried to use a seventh field player in attack, but like yesterday, the Swiss made it difficult to play out the majority or then to complete it successfully. The French, for their part, continued to play their game undeterred and kept flashing their class. The result was a 7:16 deficit at the break.


In the second round, the Swiss started the game better and scored three goals within minutes. But as in the first half of the game, the home team continued to let negligent chances lie. Nevertheless, every single goal was enthusiastically celebrated by the home crowd. From the left wing, Ramon Schlumpf reduced the score to 12:19 with a double. The French, who were otherwise so calm, then began to struggle in attack and the Swiss took advantage of this. When the score was 15:20, the French national coach Yohan Delattre was even forced to take a time-out. But the desired effect didn't materialize and the boys around national team coach Tobler scored two more goals in a row, which also heated up the spectators in the stands. But the hoped-for miracle didn't materialize and the French got back on track with four goals in a row. With a show of force and a 1:10 run, the French secured a clear 18:30 victory in the last 10 minutes. Even if the result is clear at the end, the race to catch up after the break gave the spectators a lot of joy and gives hope for the future.

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