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Germany defeats Spain

In the second game on Friday, Spain and Germany met. Both participants in the upcoming World Cup finals in Algeria in July naturally wanted a clear position statement.

The Germans decided the starting phase with a clear 4:0 start in their favor. It took almost 6 minutes until the Spaniards were able to finish successfully and were able to follow up immediately. After the somewhat hectic starting minutes and the 5:5 equalization of the Spaniards, the Germans were able to control the game better again. In addition, the Spaniards received a double time penalty, which of course didn't make it easier to catch up. The Germans constantly increased their lead and had a 15:10 lead until the break.

In the second round, the two teams met at eye level. The Spaniards managed to reduce the gap again and again, but in return they were mostly relegated to 5 goals. Even the Spanish U21 selection's last rebellion was no longer of any use. Germany benefits from the break advantage and wins the game against Spain with 28:25.

GER - ESP Bilder 2017

GER - ESP pictures

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