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Germany outclassed Montenegro

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

In a one-sided match Germany wins dominantly with 31:13.

The Montenegrins had prepared a tactic against the favorites from Germany: A very offensive defender in the middle, and in attack always substitute the goalkeeper for a seventh field player. Unfortunately, this plan never really worked from the beginning. The German defense was very compact and did not permit many opportunities. If there was a throw on the German goal, the goalkeepers were usually in exactly the right position. Both goalkeepers were able to distinguish themselves with an excellent saving rate of over 50%.

The longer the game lasted, the more Team Germany was able to convert their game superiority into measurable results. In the second half, they played their way into a frenzy: One ball after the other was intercepted against the uninspiring opponents and converted via counterattack. Thus, the Montenegrins managed to score only 3 goals during a period of 20 minutes. In the final minutes, the team really fell apart, which is also reflected in the final result of 31:13.

Thus, the German team won their second match at this year's Airport Trophy. Now the team will play the final against the hosts tomorrow Sunday at 13:15.

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