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Perfect start of the Swiss U19 into the tournament

The home team wins clearly against Montenegro with 34:21

The Swiss team started the tournament with focus and fighting spirit. After an even start, Switzerland was able to break away for the first time in the 15th minute with two counterattack goals. Led by right wing Gino Steenaerts (HC Kriens-Luzern) with a total of 9 goals, Switzerland pulled away to 19:12 at the break. On the Montenegrin side only playmaker Andrej Dobrkovic could cause trouble.

Also in the second half the team of coach Marco Luethi kept the level high. Especially the compact defense, led by Mischa Romer in the inner block, allowed few good chances. Team Montenegro sought more chances from the second row, which was often a feast for the strong playing Ramon Kusnandar (40% quota) in the Swiss goal. Even a seventh field player in the attack of the Montenegrins did not bring the desired effect.

This way, the lead could be extended more and more until the final result of 34:21. The deserved victory is mainly due to the strong team performance of the Swiss: Almost all players were able to get their names on the scorer's list.

On Saturday at 17:00 it continues with the game against Poland, who left a strong impression in their first game against Germany.

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