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Poland finishes with a comfortable win against Montenegro

With a solid performance Poland secures the third rank.

The situation for the first match of the last day was clear: Poland was narrowly defeated twice, while Montenegro never had a realistic chance to win on the previous days. Thus, the roles were distributed from the beginning, and the game developed accordingly. Poland took the lead and Montenegro tried to keep up. But the losses on the previous days did not do any good to the morale of the Montenegrins: They never really seemed to believe in a victory.

Poland built up a comfortable 5-goal lead and then started to make frequent substitutions. Coach Bernacki gave all his players the chance to show their skills: Line player Franciszek Wierzbicki stood out with his strong defensive performance, but also harmonized excellently with playmaker Peplinski. The Montenegrins lacked punch in the attack.

Thus, the victory of the Polish team was never in danger, which is also reflected in the clear final result of 34:25. With the first two points they secured the 3rd final place of the tournament.

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