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Conciliatory end of the Swiss national team despite defeat

In the final game, the Swiss were allowed to compete with the Spaniards. Both teams with no chance of winning the tournament naturally wanted to sell their skins as expensively as possible and gain important experience. Despite a massive increase in performance, the Swiss narrowly failed at 25:27.


Unlike in the last two games, the Swiss kept up well in the starting minutes and were able to get their attack going thanks to the seventh field player. But the missing goalkeeper was punished and the Spaniards increased the empty goal to 4:6. However, Marcel Tobler's team was undeterred and equalized the game to 6:6. The Swiss attack acted powerfully and agilely and repeatedly found the pass station to one of the two line runners. An unnecessary penalty against the home team enabled the Spaniards to increase their lead to two goals for the first time. But the Swiss also recovered from this deficit and were able to take the lead after the Spanish timeout at 11:11! So everything seemed possible in the final game. Unfortunately, the Swiss defense couldn't get the Spanish shooter under control on the left backcourt and he netted three times in a row. An Empty-netter even increased the deficit to 13:17. At the break, the men in red and white reduced the lead by one point to 14:17.


The self-confidence that was fueled also had an effect on the second half of the game and the Nati scored the goal to make it 17:18 to thunderous applause. So the sensation was still possible. The two teams continued to duel at eye level and delighted the spectators in the well-filled stands. Thanks to a variable attack and hard defense, the Swiss remained within striking distance and even equalized again to 22:22 after 48 minutes of play. This performance is even more valuable, as the Spaniards won yesterday's match against Germany with 3 goals. A minute before the end of the game, Spain increased to 24:26 and the point win for the Swiss was a long way off. Unfortunately, the great performance at the end of this tournament was not rewarded with points, but with a lot of praise from the ranks. In the end, the result was an extremely narrow 25:27 defeat.

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