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Swiss defeat despite great effort

In the second game on Saturday, Switzerland and Spain faced each other. Both teams wanted to show themselves in a better light after Friday's defeat.

In the first minutes you could not identify a favorite. The teams were evenly matched up to the score of 4:4. After that, the Spaniards put in an intermediate sprint and scored quick and easy goals. The Swiss were too irritated by this and didn't put any more offensive pressure behind the attacks. Spain continued to pull away and increased the lead to 5:12. The Swiss defense could not keep up with the fast and safe play of the Spaniards. By the break, the Swiss had recovered and were able to keep up. At 11:17 the pages were changed. 

The Swiss obviously had a good break tea. Three meetings in a row forced the Spaniards to a timeout after only 4 minutes. The timeout had no effect and the Swiss managed to make it 16:18 despite being outnumbered. However, the Spaniards found their way back to their game and were able to pull away by 5 goals. Fabian Pellegrini in goal for the home team kept his team in the running with spectacular saves. With the score of 22:24, everything was still possible for the Swiss after 50 minutes of play. The Spaniards didn't let their lead be taken away and extended it again. Unfortunately, there was nothing more to be gained for the hard-fighting Swiss. Two quick goals at the end sealed the 25:32 defeat.

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