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Germany successful for the third time

In the last game of the eighth edition of the Airport Trophy, two apparently unequal opponents met. The still undefeated Germans competed against the still pointless Swiss. But driven by the sold-out Ruebisbachhalle, anything is possible.

The Swiss didn't get off to a good start and the Germans' powerful attack overwhelmed the Swiss defence. There was also some lack of luck in the final. This gave Switzerland an early 2:7 deficit. Unfortunately, the great atmosphere in the once again full hall didn't help either. The Swiss were not precise enough in attack and often a step too late in defence. Both played into the hands of the Germans and helped to further extend the lead. After 20 minutes, the northern neighbors were 4:13 in front. Although the Swiss found their way to the goal, the opponents continued to play their game undeterred. This resulted in a break of 8:16.

After the break, the Germans started a show and demonstrated their impressive playing skills. Double flyers and spinning balls amazed the spectators. Despite the risky style of play, the Germans managed to extend their lead. Unaffected by the clear result, both teams showed full commitment and offered a worthy conclusion to the Airport Trophy. With a deserved 23:33, Germany became the undefeated tournament winner.

SUI – GER Bilder 2017

SUI – GER pictures

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